modern kitchen in Johannesburg

Your best kitchen ever

With a winning combination of personalised planning, imported moving parts, our on-site factory and 25 years experience, we are capable of producing quality kitchens with the highest internationl standards.

Get inspired

Check out our concept boards for kitchens, bathrooms, bars & built-in cupboards.

In-house design & showroom

From your first ideas, wants and desires we can work closely with you to design your ultimate kitchen.

On-site factory
& installation

We can keep a close watch during manufacture, then deliver to your site and finally install for you.

Imported movement systems

German engineering enables “Soft Close” access at your fingertips

The Kitchen Specialists Assocciation

Their mission: to create a professional and stable trading environment in which the industry can prosper and consumers can enjoy peace-of-mind.

Create more Cupboard space

With our dynamic
built-in cupbard ideas you can streamline the spaces in your home

Extra Bar or Bathroom?

We do more than just kitchens, ask us for available options

Cut & Edge

We can supply your order in a “Flat-Pack” ready to install and assemble “DIY” kit for collection.

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